He's leading the thought-cavalry on how to explore our vast tech frontier and use it for good. If you don't know his work, you should." -Shelley Prevost, Inc.com


PAST SPEAKING: 3-time TEDx, Harvard Business Schol, Princeton University, The School of The New York Times, TNW Conference (Amsterdam), TechChill (Latvia), FutureNow conference (Slovakia), Florida State University, NYAI AI & Ethics, University of Findlay, the International House (NYC), Social Media Safety in Schools conference (San Fran), Future Health Summit (Dublin), Mark Twain House & Museum, Parents League of New York, CoreConnect: Marketing Made Human (NYC; host), Courant Conversations (CT Science Center), University of Connecticut, TNW New York, University of Northern Colorado, Post University, JCC Manhattan, Digital Citizenship Summit (Twitter HQ), imre 3x5 (NYC & LA), British International School, Academy for Software Engineering, Bronxville School, Smith College Executive Education for Women, University of Hartford, Harrison School District, Connecticut Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) Innovation Summit, and many more!


AREAS OF FOCUS: tech ethics, content moderation & online speech, fixing social media, digital citizenship, emerging technology, and digital wellbeing. What it means to be human in the digital age. Getting everyone involved in AI (broad, diverse, & multidisciplinary approach). 



AS FEATURED IN: CBS This Morning, TODAY Show, BBC World News, SiriusXM, AP, Los Angeles Times, CNN.com, USA Today, Engadget, BBC.com, Washington Post's Can He Do That?, The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, AdWeek, Boston Globe, Financial Times, New York Post, Forbes.com, Futurism.com, Mic, Quartz, Inc.com, Circa, Mad Life with Andrew Shue, The Next Web, Fox61, Better Connecticut, Mass Appeal, NBC Connecticut, Hartford Courant, WTNH, HuffPost Live, VentureBeat, Inc.com, Thrillist, Mental Floss, The Christian Science Monitor, Emirates Woman, New York Observer, Deseret News National, FoxNews.com, MSN, Entreprenuer.com, Mental Floss, Futurism.com, and many more!












-Pioneering Tech Ethicist, digital citizenship expert, and responsible tech leader

-Founding member of TikTok's Content Advisory Council

-Founder & president of All Tech Is Human, an organization that onboards people into the Responsible Tech ecosystem, accelerates tech consideration, and expands participation in important tech/society issues. All Tech Is Human was launched in 2018, and has held ethical tech summits across the US (NYC, Seattle, SF) along with building a global audience for its livestream series. The organization is releasing its Guide to Responsible Tech: How to Get Involved & Build a Better Tech Future. 


-Tech writer for IBM thinkLeaders, Dell Perspectives, Big Think, and Quartz (read HERE)


-Co-creator/co-host of Funny as Techa NYC-based monthly live panel show and weekly podcast that tackles the thorniest issues in tech. Past guests have included Douglas Rushkoff, Manoush Zomorodi, Baratunde Thurston, x.ai's Dennis Mortensen, CNN's Laurie Segall, and comedian Chuck Nice. Topics such as trolls, tech ethics, diversity in tech, the future of communication, and media literacy. 


-Founder of the All Tech Is Human initiative, which aims to better align the business interests and human interests around social media, smartphones, and emerging tech. The goal of technology should make use better informed and happier--not the opposite. The first event was held on March 29, 2018 at Grand Central Tech with the following panel: CNN's Laurie Segall, NPR's Anya Kamenetz, Center for Humane Technology's Max Stossel, and David Ryan Polgar. The first ethical tech summit was launched on October 20, 2018 in NYC. Four events are being held throughout the United States in 2019 (Seattle, San Fran, NYC). 


-Advisor for the Reverse Hackathon , a hackathon on June 9, 2018 to propose solutions for making current tech more humane.


-Board member for the CA non-profit #ICANHELP , which recently launched the first annual #Digital4Good conference (held at Twitter HQ)


-A leader in the tech balance movement; popularized the phrase Mental Obesity and developed the Mental Food Plate (holistic method of information consumption). Gave a TEDx on the Fall of 2013 on topic. Previous work at the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction. Co-creator of the Digital Distraction Test.


-Co-founded the global Digital Citizenship Summit (launched in CT in Oct 2015--held at Twitter HQ in Oct 2016 with CNN's Kelly Wallace emceeing and speakers from Australia, India, Spain, and more. Partners included Common Sense, National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE), Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), ConnectSafely, #ICANHELP, CyberWise, iKeepSafe, and NetSmartz.


-Unique positioning at the intersection of industry, non-profits, and education. Rare insight into trends, with a deep and diverse network of advisers. 


-Background as an attorney and college professor. 




-"It was great to have David Ryan Polgar join us at the British International School of New York to speak with parents about digital citizenship.. he was an eloquent, entertaining and confident speaker, and responded to our concerns as parents by providing an informative background to the subject, and then practical tips on how to navigate the online environment, and guide our children to use the Internet safely and with confidence. We'd be keen to have him back!" -Lucinda Longcroft


-"David Ryan Polgar recently helped lead our company After School's 2018 Social Media Safety in School (SMSS) conference, which brought together 10 students and 40 experts from diverse professional backgrounds to discuss the interplay between social media and teen mental health.  We reached out to David because of his thorough understanding of the nuances of social media, his realistic yet hopeful attitude, and his cutting edge perspectives on how technology is impacting and changing our society.  


David surpassed our expectations.  As our introductory speaker, he challenged participants to put aside conventional wisdom and think about creative new ways to use social media to help Improve mental health; as a panel moderator, he drew insightful points out of the panelists; and as a closing speaker he tied together various points made during the day into an overarching message that inspired participants to commit to specific actions moving forward.  


We found it particularly refreshing that David infused his speaking -- even on the difficult topic of teen suicide -- with empathy and humor.  His pioneering thinking deserves to be front and center in local, national, and global discussions or where we are -- and should be -- headed in our interconnected digital era." -Jeff Collins, VP of After School (Social Media Safety in School 2018 conference)


-"David was a very engaging and approachable host at our CoreConnect Conference in May of 2018--his energy was infectious! He was able to connect with the audience in an effortless way, provide smart commentary on the subject matter of marketing made human, and easily facilitate the Q&A for each speaker. His lightheartedness and jovial demeanors also makes him a wonderful person to work with! A truly wonderful experience to have him on our team." -Touseef Mirza, Cofounder, CoreConnect Conference


“Polgar isn’t like the other guys in tech. He’s not selling us on the benefits of innovation, pitching his startup or
buzzing about some cool new product being rushed to market. He’s doing the opposite – making us question our use of technology and crafting a crossroads where tech meets ethics.” -Natasha Clark, “David Ryan Polgar – The New Voice Of Reason In Tech,” Lioness magazine.




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