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A Tech Ethicist and a Comedian tackle the thorniest issues in tech! Funny as Tech is a NYC-based monthly live panel show and weekly podcast dealing with issues such as trolls, bias in AI, tech addiction, diversity in tech, cryptocurrency, the future of work, the ethics of sex robots, tech etiquette, and the future of conversation! Co-hosts David Ryan Polgar (Tech Ethicist) and Joe Leonardo (comedian, UCB) invite guests such as Manoush Zomorodi, Douglas Rushkoff,'s Dennis Mortensen, Baratunde Thurston, design researcher Pamela Pavliscak, cyber psychologist Dr. David Greenfield, nerd comedian Chuck Nice, and CNN's Laurie Segall to have a freewheeling conversation about our messy relationship with tech!
As the tagline goes, "Our relationship with tech is messy...let's discuss!"
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