Digital Citizenship

A digital citizen uses the web in an effective and responsible manner. A digital citizen is cognizant and respectful to the online community at large, while actively participating in a meaningful manner. It involves areas such as security, wellbeing, communication, media literacy, and law.

Polgar recently released a "digital citizenship for adults" class, filmed with Skillshare. You can take the 35-minute online class HERE.


Polgar co-founded the global Digital Citizenship Summit (held at Twitter HQ in Oct 2016), and has been at the forefront of this growing field. Kids, teens, and adults should be having a fluid conversation about the safe, savvy, and ethical use of social media & tech. Polgar recently launched All Tech Is Human, an initiative to better align the business and human interests regarding social media, smartphones, and emerging tech. He is also the co-host/co-creator of Funny as Tech, a NYC-based monthly live panel show & weekly podcast that tackles the thorniest issues in tech.

Topics include digital etiquette, digital literacy, cyberbullying, trolls, cyber safety, and tech balance.

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