About David


"He's leading the thought-cavalry on how to explore our vast tech frontier and use it for good. If you don't know his work, you should." Shelley Prevost, Inc.com


David Ryan Polgar is a pioneering tech ethicist who paved the way for the hotly-debated issues around Facebook, privacy, ethical design, digital wellbeing, and what it means to be human in the digital age. 

David is a 3-time TEDx speaker and tech writer (IBM thinkLeaders, Quartz, Dell Perspectives) whose has been featured on CBS This Morning, Fast Company, USA Today, AP, LA Times, The Guardian, CNN.com, BBC.com, SiriusXM, AdWeek, New York Post, and countless other outlets. With a background as an attorney and college professor, he transitioned into an advocate for greater thoughtfulness regarding the creation and implementation of technology. David speaks about tech ethics, digital wellbeing, emerging tech trends, and digital citizenship throughout the US and world (Netherlands, Ireland, Slovakia, Latvia). 

He is the founder of All Tech Is Human, an initiative to better align tech with the human interests of users and society, and is the co-host of Funny as Tech--a live show and podcast that tackles the thorniest issues in tech. David serves on the advisory boards for Common Sense's Digital Citizenship Advisory Council, the non-profit #ICANHELP, and Hack Mental Health. In 2015, he co-founded the global Digital Citizenship Summit.

David is currently researching the impact that “scaling intimacy” has on human relationships, and whether we are becoming botified (and less authentic) in our communications. 


“Polgar isn’t like the other guys in tech. He’s not selling us on the benefits of innovation, pitching his startup or buzzing about some cool new product being rushed to market. He’s doing the opposite – making us question our use of technology and crafting a crossroads where tech meets ethics.” -Natasha Clark, “David Ryan Polgar – The New Voice Of Reason In Tech,” Lioness magazine.


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